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Loredana Roccasalva Atelier
Corso Sandro Pertini n°56 – Modica 97015 (Italia)
+39 338 5245981 | info@roccasalvaloredana.it

The small company LR LOREDANA ROCCASALVA was set up in 1995 in Modica in the province of Ragusa, in the Ibleo baroque valley.   

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loredana roccasalva

Loredana Roccasalva


LR - Loredana Roccasalva

Loredana  Roccasalva  was born in Modica, Sicily, in 1967 and after graduating from classical studies at the Fashion Institute in Rome at the IED (European Design Institute), she has the opportunity to make very interesting collaborations at The ateliers of Capucci and Gattinoni, where he has the opportunity to work alongside two couturiers of international renown. After graduating from the institute, he attends a fashion marketing course and afterwards works at ITTIERRE where he draws together with a team the first release of the Versace jeans line. After this experience, surely very intense, she decides to return to Sicily.
For three years he totally abandons this work and dedicates himself to the family business.
But this is not his first love and so after drawing a collection of shirts, in collaboration with a Bosnian architect inspired by the dialogue between the two lands, he decides to resume but this time in his land.


She will participate in several editions of ALTAROMA-ALTAMODA  getting a great deal of success.
Then she will experiment with a particular fabrication of chocolate fabrics and will produce the collection "MA ... DONNE OF CHOCOLATE", which will be around the world, in Rio De Janeiro at the Histórico Nacional Museum today is still a leader of the collection.
December 2006, Milan 10 Corso Como 3Rooms, presents with an installation the first collection of couture to portèr to print.
Milan July 2007 begins commercial collaboration with an important showroom STUDIO FINOROSSI.
February 2008 is the Paris vote: it presents the prèt à porter collection and thus begins its internationalization path that brings it to presently present in Kuwait, France, Japan, France, United Arab Emirates, Monaco and Italy.
From 2008 to 2012 Art Director of Notte in Fiore in Noto.
Participate in the collection prèt à couture at SI SPOSA ITALIA, in Milan in June 2012 and in October of the same year in Dallas for ITALIAN FASHION WEEK.
In 2013 NEW YORK at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONL BRIDAL FASHION WEEK presents the collection "ARMATURE", which in May of the same year will fly to FASHION WEEK in MALTA.
July 2014 comes the new line  of accessories, whose must is the collar. The "ALL TIME" collection will be presented in July in Paris at WHO'S NEXT, in Milan at SUPER and in New York for the fashion week.
In 2015, the collection of collars combined with the skirts "THE COLLECTION" is presented at WHO'S NEXT in Paris and SUPER in Milan.
For the autumn-winter collection 2016/17 is the protagonist of an important collection of fashion solidarity to give continuity and symbolic meaning but also made to the project MIGRANTES - promoted by FILDIS Syracuse - in the collection is inserted a capsule of t-shirts entitled "I LIVE IN SICILY ", whose production and production is entirely entrusted to the inspiration of" knowing how to do "immigrant women in Sicily.
The project will be premiered in March at WHITE in Milan during the fashion week.
Her sought-after clothes and her advertising campaigns have been published in many of the most influential magazines: Vogue Italia, Elle, Vanity Fair, Grazia, Modern Woman, Cosmopolitan, L'officiel, Corriere della Sera and many more.


Tailoring quality and prestigious materials.

The quality of design and implementation done in a magical place like Sicily, following the dictates of haute couture and craftsmanship cannot and must not be incorporated in the rules of industrial production, which would debase the product by removing the charm that all of this gives it.

Loredana Roccasalva Atelier
Corso Sandro Pertini n°56 – Modica 97015 (Italia)
+39 338 5245981 | info@roccasalvaloredana.it

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