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The small company LR LOREDANA ROCCASALVA was set up in 1995 in Modica in the province of Ragusa, in the Ibleo baroque valley.   

Loredana Roccasalva Atelier
Corso Sandro Pertini n°56 – Modica 97015 (Italia)
+39 338 5245981 | info@roccasalvaloredana.it

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loredana roccasalva

Lookbook 2017

Loredana Roccasalva Spring |Summer 2017: ESSENZE

Loredana Roccasalva Spring-summer 2017 collection is inspired by an atmosphere created around the word “Essence”, an approach especially dedicated to human senses of smell, the most perceptible, the sense of taste, attributable to ancient flavours, and in the end to light, capable to reproduce through colours and emotions the extraordinary biodiversity of Sicily: the southernmost island of Italy.

A dreamlike and evocative dimension that develops Sicily from black of volcanic stone to white jasmine flowers, always accompanied by its delicate and inebriating smell. It continues with citrine yellow, strong and in stops and starts sour and pungent but even vaguely oriental and mysterious. It is combined with intense turquoise, that narrates the sea colours in summer season, when burning heat is accompanied by Saharan sandy dust.

Soft and flowing lines always have an hidden contrast and they transform each single item of clothing in an unique piece of art to wear. Skirts echo Baroque-styled cupolas silhouettes, cotton t-shirts with “I live in Sicily” reproduction, that smell like olive oil and prickly pears, and precious croc tops in embroidered linel; they have a wide volume contrasted by an essential and skinny line of trousers.

Selected fabrics are animal free, like one of the most ancient and fascinating natural fibre, the linel; poplin, a light cotton fabric with a fresh and dried touch; saten cotton with its smooth and uniform aspect, and, in the end, soft  transparent and hypoallergenic microfibre.

The item that can be defined unique, even for its name, is the eclectic STOLKAP, the cult item of clothing made by the couturier that is a fortunate crasis between a scarf and a cape. The mixture originates a versatile and adaptable item, in embroidered silk for evenings or in fresh and enchating linel for the day.

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