Timeless Fashion

Loredana Roccasalva

Once upon a time there was a magical Sicily, where travelers of different cultures from around the world left a mark destined to become tradition.

A Tradition made of colors, flavors, aromas, spices and baroque vaults, a result of the mixing of diverse cultures.

A Tradition that evolves through time.

This is Loredana Roccasalva: she masters the culture of tailoring, and her careful choice of materials brings a unique style to life.

Style Inspired by tradition, looking to the future.

FW 20_21 Racconti

“Racconti” (Tales), the fall/winter 2020 collection, dresses a woman living between an unstructured past and a future to be built, without schemes and paradigms, in a suspended reality, such as the one we are living. Through these “tales”, Loredana tries to catch the Mediterranean beauty.

The Simple, essential and flowing lines follow the body, the vibrant green color blends with the grey wool and the orange silk.

Produced entirely in Sicilian artisan workshops, Loredana’s style interprets the concept of recycling in an unusual way. She chooses only natural fibres and fine Italian fabrics from famous fashion houses, giving them a new soul.

Timeless style that creates a long-lasting wardrobe.


Timeless Fashion

Loredana Roccasalva’s collections are inspired by culture, tradition, but also by the innovation of Modica.

A city of ancient origins that rises on the confluence of two rivers, now drained. They divide the upland into four (4) hills, where traditional Sicilian houses, majestic noble palaces and beautiful Baroque churches, climb and overlap, in an eternal challenge to conquer the sky.

Timeless fashion between past and future, tradition and culture, harmony and contrast. Loredana Roccasalva.


LR Store

A magical place where time stands still, letting the senses enjoy the moment.

The sound of tea poured into an antique porcelain cup, familiar portraits that stare at the angry Moors’ heads. A place where clocks stopped a long time ago, and are now silent guardians of Loredana’s clothes and accessories.

LR Store: a place in the making, an experience of lost time, eventually found and lived.