My Roots

Loredana Roccasalva was born in Modica in 1967. She graduated from classical high school and completed fashion studies in Rome at the European Institute of Design (IED).

She honed her skills by collaborating with major companies in the fashion industry, including the Atelier of Capucci and Gattinoni where she had the opportunity to learn from two internationally renowned couturiers.

The Return

After graduating from IED, she took a course in fashion marketing. Later she started working at ITTIERRE as a member of the team where the first Versace jeans collection was designed.

However, Sicily, as we know, always attracts its children. Loredana then decided to come back to her native land, to give back what she had received from her homeland.

How it Started

In the 1996 she opened La Bottega degli Angeli, today named as Loredana Roccasalva.

She successfully took part in several fashion events of Altaroma-Altamoda which gave life to the project of Ma…donne di cioccolato. This collection, characterized by an innovative chocolate processing of the fabrics, will then spread into the world. The Museo Histórico Nacional in Rio De Janeiro still preserves today an item from this collection.

The Success

In later years, Loredana started her professional career growth that year after year will make her one of the best stylists on a global scale.

In 2006 she introduced the first couture a portèr to the press.

In 2007 she began the collaboration with the Studio Finorossi showroom.

In 2008 she presented the prèt à porter collection in Paris which contributed to her internationalization (Kuwait, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Monaco).

From 2012 to 2015 she joined Si Sposa Italia, New York International Bridal Fashion Week, Who’s Next in Paris, Super in Milan, New York Fashion Week and other important fashion industry events.

2015 is also the year of the “I live in Sicily” collection within the Migrantes project, entirely inspired by the “know-how” of immigrant women in Sicily. The project was then presented at White in Milian during Fashion Week.

Timeless Fashion

In the following years, Loredana created Le Santuzze, Relazioni and LR Mask collections.

Her collections and advertising campaigns have been published in many of the most influential magazines in the industry: Vogue Italia, Elle, Vanity Fair, Grazia, Donna Moderna, Cosmopolitan, L’officiel, Corriere della Sera and many others.

Her creations are an expression of attention to detail, high tailoring, craftsmanship and the idea of a cultural tradition which continuously and continually reaffirms their presence over time.

Designed and built in a magical place like Sicily, her creations are a combination of history, culture, mythology and magic. They take inspiration from the peasant culture and baroque opulence of the Val di Noto, against the concept of temporary and ephemeral fashion to create instead long lasting clothes and accessories.

Loredana Roccasalva: timeless fashion.