Timeless Fashion

Timeless Fashion

Time flows, measures, adds and dissolves. When time goes by, men build, modify, destroy, forget but then, remember.

Loredana Roccasalva’s collections are not against the time, but collect its legacy, care for it and enhance it.

Unique garments inspired by the past, built taking care of time, looking to the future and protecting it. It’s time to learn, time to create, time to think, time to live.

Not temporary but timeless fashion.

FW 20_21

FW 20_21 Racconti

Racconti” (Tales), the fall/winter 2020 collection, dresses a woman living between an unstructured past and a future to be built, without schemes and paradigms, in a suspended reality, such as the one we are living. Through these “tales”, Loredana tries to catch the Mediterranean beauty.

The Simple, essential and flowing lines follow the body, the vibrant green color blends with the grey wool and the orange silk.

Produced entirely in Sicilian artisan workshops, Loredana’s style interprets the concept of recycling in an unusual way. She chooses only natural fibres and fine Italian fabrics from famous fashion houses, giving them a new soul.

Timeless style that creates a long-lasting wardrobe.


Santuzze Collection

Sicily is, at the same time, esoteric, a sacred land, superstitious and miraculous.

Sicily is a combination of popular devotion and spiritual passion, dominated by tyrants and threatened by monsters. A sacred land protected by saints.

“Santuzze” collection took inspiration from this kind of Sicily, inspired by Sicilian patrons, exclusively women, Agata, Lucia and Rosalia who sacrificed their lives for the grated good.

Through this collection, Loredana reminds us of their holy presence in all of our lives. Contemporary divinities who, without miracles, conquer their freedom and heal the world.

FW 19_20

FW 19_20 Relazioni

It’s through the Art that dialogue, comparison and relationships are born, where the main focus is not the masterpiece itself but the discovery of diversity.
“Relazioni” (Relationships) collection tries to represent this concept: a long relation between bodies and materials used. Art, colors and warm hugs combine themselves, they never end and evolve.

A place for women and men, relationships and colors.

Relazioni FW 19_20. Lands of love.